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Why is My Auto Insurance $280 a Month For Liability?

If you’re looking for a cheap auto insurance policy, you may be wondering, “Why is my auto coverage $280 a month for liability?” The truth is that the answer to that question depends on your individual situation. In most states, the average rate for liability coverage is nearly double what it would be for someone with a clean driving record. But how do you lower your rate? Here are some tips.

Your mileage is a factor. The more you drive, the more accidents you will be involved in. If you drive less, you may qualify for a lower rate. Another factor that affects your insurance rate is whether or not you park your car in a secured garage or on the street. These factors all affect your auto insurance premium. If your vehicle has anti-theft features, you may be eligible for a discount.

You should compare quotes from several insurance companies and find the one that suits your budget. The difference between the least expensive quote and the highest one could be more than $1,000. Remember that your personal driving history and credit history are important factors in determining your car insurance rate. You can lower your monthly premium by comparing several offers before deciding on one. This will help you find the best insurance policy that fits your budget and protects you from costly surprises.

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