Why Do Friends Say Mental Health Is An Excuse?

Why do your friends tell you that you have mental health problems? Do they really have that much strength to explain the reasons that you’re Freshwap not able to do things? In other words, they think it’s okay to use mental health as an excuse for not doing something? If they do, they’re not true friends. A true friend would be there for you in your darkest hour, listen to your thoughts, and not dismiss them.

Mental illness does Merdb not give you permission to be a terrible person. There are many instances in which people say things that hurt people. People say these things when they’re angry, and they’re blaming mental illness. This is not a valid excuse for Sportspress repeating these behaviors – they’re bad choices. And blaming mental illness for bad behaviour is often not helpful. It can cause further hurt to people, and you should stop putting up with it if you’re suffering from a mental illness.

Using mental illness as an excuse means that your friend doesn’t understand the issues you’re going through. They might be sympathetic to your struggles, but they won’t understand how your life is different. If you’re a friend of Codeplex someone who suffers from bipolar disorder, for example, you might feel angry or irritable and want to share your feelings with them. While it’s okay to bring up your mental illness, it’s not okay to use it as an excuse. Instead, use it to your elibrary advantage to get a supportive friend.

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