Which brand of collagen is good for nourishing beautiful skin?

The helper that makes us look good is probably not a collagen supplement. Because collagen can help nourish the skin to be clear. reduce wrinkles Make your skin beautiful and healthy skin. This article will introduce Popular brands of collagen that are well known.

1. MANA PRO Collagen

For this one, it is collagen that is very easy to eat because it comes in the form of Collagen Stick, easy to chew and eat. Easy to carry anywhere The extracts that are put in this collagen are very good for the skin, whether it is Collagen Dipeptide, Collagen Asahi from Japan. which is the smallest collagen molecule Absorbed up to 55 times better than ever. It also combines the Cell Enhanz innovation that helps the body absorb collagen 3-5 times faster than before, helping to boost skin’s clarity and bounce deep down to the cellular level. In this innovation he won a gold medal. From Switzerland too! It also contains Coenzyme Q10, Japanese rice germ extract. Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Zinc that help brighten the skin, reduce acne, and help strengthen the immune system of the body. Helping not get sick easily as well. And not only that, there are also prebiotics that help balance the intestines. balance the digestive system Helps to excrete fluently When the digestive system is good, clear, beautiful skin will follow.

2. Boliva Collagen Dipeptide

Boliva Collagen Dipeptide This formula uses the smallest molecule collagen dipeptide. The body can absorb it and use it immediately. Astaxanthin with ceramide from rice Astaxanthin and strawberry seed extract help nourish the skin, restore dark skin, sun damaged skin to come back to be beautiful, and help brighten the skin. The skin is firmer, moisturized, fine lines fade away, nourish the skin to be healthy.

3. Rosegold Sakana Collagen x10

Rosegold Sakana Collagen from Japan Use collagen dipeptide, the smallest molecule, combined with 10 other extracts to help restore dull skin to be white. Bright skin with aura Helps to smooth uneven skin smooth skin soft like baby skin It also reduces acne. Reduce acne scars to fade, reduce blemishes, shallow wrinkles It also helps nourish nails and hair to be strong too.

4. Joju Collagen

Joju Collagen For girls who do not have many skin problems or newbies who are just starting to eat collagen can try this one. Because this collagen formula focuses on nourishing the skin. Stimulates the formation of collagen layers Help nourish the skin to be clear. Skin tightening, smooth, reduces acne, both inflamed acne and pimples. It also helps to reduce oily skin, reduce blemishes, freckles, dark spots and reduce wrinkles.

5. Matell Collagen Dipeptide 100%

Matel Collagen Dipeptide Choose collagen dipeptide imported from Japan. which the body can absorb quickly Helps strengthen the skin. Skin is more hydrated, firmer, wrinkles are reduced, skin is smooth and radiant. It also reduces joint pain. Strengthen bones and reduce the chances of osteoporosis in old age.

6. Bomi Instant Di Collagen

Bomi Instant Di Collagen is a premium collagen dietary supplement. Helps clear skin Reduce dry skin problems Makes the skin moist, look full of water, helps the skin to be stronger, healthier. It also nourishes the joints in the body, helping to reduce joint injuries. reduce joint pain and help the movement to be more fluid

7. Dr. Pong Collagen Dipeptide

Dr. Phong Collagen Dipeptide This formula uses premium collagen dipeptide from Japan. Can help restore dry skin, dehydrated skin, rarely make up. Returning to moisture Helps firm skin, slow down wrinkles, reduce dark skin problems from exposure to UV rays, and help tighten skin. This formula ensures that there are no accumulated substances in the body because there are no colors, no flavorings, no flavorings and no sugar added.

8. Yoo Collagen

Yoo Collagen is pure collagen from Japan, suitable for girls with acne problems. Dull skin is not clear, with blemishes, freckles, acne marks and wrinkles. This formula uses Collagen Type Two. It can help keep the skin soft, moist, help brighten the skin, reduce acne scars, blemishes. It also nourishes the knee joints, helps to strengthen the bones. Not brittle and easy to reduce inflammation in the joints, too.

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