What’s Wrong With Our Education System?

The American educational system is plagued with problems, but there is no single culprit. Insufficient funding, low teacher retention, and a general lack of relevance are some of the biggest issues. The system is also riddled with dissatisfied students and a high teacher turnover rate. Educators themselves are leaving the profession in droves because they can’t make ends meet on stagnant salaries and lack of resources.

Funding is a perennial problem for our schools. Almost 90% of K-12 schools receive funding from local governments and state income and sales taxes. Unfortunately, many of these states are still issuing lower funding than they did before the Great Recession. That means fewer teachers and fewer programs for our children. And while we must work to increase school funding, it doesn’t mean that the system itself is failing.

In the United States, students are subjected to extensive standardized testing. However, teachers can only do so much. Students’ home lives can impact their development. Many parents lack higher education, which means that they can’t offer much help. This is especially true for students from low-income families, and parents who are career-oriented often don’t have time to help their children with their education.

Today, ninety percent of school instruction is theoretical, with little space for creative learning. The lack of flexibility, creativity, and motivation is not conducive to learning. Instead, students are subjected to long lecture sessions. Ineffective education does nothing to motivate children, so parents must be active participants. But how can parents change this? By changing the way they educate their children. It starts with fostering a culture of learning.

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