What is the Point of a High School English Class?

If you’re wondering “What is the purpose of a high school English class?” you’re not alone. Students across the country wonder the same thing. In high school, students take English to satisfy college requirements, explore creative writing, and develop work-place writing skills. The curriculum for high school English classes is usually divided between sophomore and junior years. Some schools offer honors or AP classes in addition to the standard language arts curriculum.

The main goal of an English class is to develop thinking skills, writing skills, and critical thinking. High school English classes typically fall into two categories: writing and reading. Occasionally, there are electives in speech and drama. Students benefit from taking English classes throughout their lives, which improves their writing skills and their critical thinking. In addition, English classes help students understand the importance of cultural awareness and diversity. Students will also learn to communicate effectively with others through writing and speech.

As you study, you’ll be assigned a reading. Many of these assignments are complicated, but teachers provide study guides that help students focus on the main structures of the assigned texts. In addition to the assigned readings, students will also study short stories and historical documents. Reading is essential, as it helps students learn to read between the lines and appreciate books and films. You’ll also learn to read in context and understand the reasons behind plot lines.

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