Top 5 Career Options with Masters in Nutrition

Master in nutrition is one of the popular courses today. It is a 2-year master’s degree, where candidates explore the principles of nutritional values in various foods, along with their impacts on the human body. Candidates aspiring to take up nutrition in their master’s degree should have completed their graduation from a recognized educational institute, and should also secure a minimum of 50% aggregate marks. Reservation seats are also available for reserved category candidates and the ones coming from a science background will be preferred.

Some of the common topics, that candidates go through in their master of nutrition degree are, Food Microbiology, Fundamentals of nutrition, Diet Therapy, Nutritional management, Sports Nutrition, etc. The fees for pursuing MSc in Nutrition range from INR 20,000 to INR 4 lakhs. This course is also available on distance education and online mode from websites that sell courses by knowing how to sell online courses.

There are a lot of professions, which candidates can choose, after securing a Master’s in Nutrition degree. The field of nutrition is itself vast, and candidates securing a master’s degree enable themselves to work in a greater part of this sector. Here, we will discuss the top 5 career options with Masters in Nutrition.


The first, as well as the most excellent career which candidates can choose for with the Masters of Nutrition degree, is the career of a Nutritionist. Nutritionists engage themselves in assessing the health of a patient and assist them to achieve goals via their diet. 

They advise their clients on what type of diet they should maintain, concerning their health-related issues or benefits. A nutritionist might work in a clinic or he can also work in a hospital. They generally specialize in areas like pregnancy health, renal nutrition, diabetic nutrition, obesity prevention, etc. The average salary of a Nutritionist in India is INR 3 lakhs.

Health Coach

Being a health coach is also among the great options if you have a master of nutrition degree. Health coaches support, mentor, and supervise the wellness of people and do the work of guiding their diet as well as their lifestyle. 

They also help in making the individuals succeed in following a diet or even a nutritional plan which is needed for meeting a specific health goal, depending upon that particular person. They also make people updated about current trends and research on the nutrition subject, ensuring the most relevant care to their clients. The average salary of a health coach in India is INR 4.5 lakhs.

Health Educator

Another great option for a Master of Nutrition degree holder candidate is to choose the career of a health educator. Health Educators do the work of implementing programs for people of all ages, which helps in spreading awareness for healthy living among people. 

They can work in schools, or can also work in various other organizations which provide these services to society. They are also responsible for preparing informational guides and collecting data for assisting in making various decisions that are related to nutrition, food, and diet. The average salary of a health educator in India is INR 3 lakhs. There are also various courses available on multiple websites that create online courses by learning how to create an online course that will help you to make a health educator.

Public Health Advocate

Being a Public Health Advocate is also among the top career options for a Master of Nutrition candidate to choose. A public health advocate is responsible for speaking on behalf of the large community, as well as the interests of the public health field. Public Health advocates generally work in the departments of health that are mostly government. They also do the work of addressing various disease outbreaks. The salary of a public health advocate in India is above INR 2.5 lakhs per annum.


The career of a dietician is one of the most popular ones among master of nutrition candidates. Dieticians primarily focus on the diet which is related to health. They help in meal planning, as well as healthy food selection for the welfare of healthy individuals. They evaluate the nutritional and caloric intake of their clients and get to work for meeting their needs best. The salary of a dietician in India is INR 2.5 lakhs per annum.

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