Top 5 Best Electric Cars: Which One Is Right For You?

Electric cars have been around for decades, but they’ve never quite managed to capture the public imagination in quite the same way as gas or hybrid vehicles. 

However, thanks to a combination of market forces and new technology, things are changing fast. You can now even win a car!

Electric cars are becoming more accessible, with prices falling and charging points increasing at an astonishing rate. 

In this comprehensive article, we take a much closer look into the top 5 electric cars on the market right now.

2017 Hyundai Ioniq

The Ioniq is Hyundai’s answer to the rise in hybrid and electric car ownership. 

The Ioniq has three models: Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid, and Electric. We’re focusing on the Electric model in this article. 

Hyundai’s Electric car is a great entry point for those looking to make the switch from gas. It produces plenty of power and has a range of around 124 miles (200km) on a single charge. There are a number of charging points popping up worldwide for those who don’t have a readily available plug at home. 

The Ioniq has a unique look and feel to it that sets it apart from other electric cars on the market. It’s both sporty and futuristic and sure to turn heads on the road.

2016 Chevrolet Bolt

The Bolt is Chevrolet’s first real foray into the forged wheel spacers world of electric vehicles. It has been a much more of a slow burner, but the Bolt is now beginning to gain traction and is set to be a serious player in the world of electric cars. 

Bolt is an all-electric vehicle with an impressive 238-mile range on a single charge, which puts it in the top 5 on the market when it comes to range. 

The Bolt is a great-looking car with a solid feel and is spacious enough to be a daily driver. It also charges quickly, with an 80% charge achievable in just 30 minutes. 

If there is a downside, it’s the control system: Chevy’s attempt at an all-in-one system that combines infotainment, climate control, and car settings leaves something to be desired.

2016 Renault Twizy EDC

The Twizy EDC is a funky little French car that actually sits in the same car segment as the Smart ForTwo ED. 

It’s a fully electric vehicle that comes with an excellent charging plan chevy silverado 1500 6X5.5 wheel spacers that allows customers to charge the car for free at Renault dealerships across the UK. 

Weighing less than 900kg, the Twizy has a top speed of just 62mph, which will make driving on a motorway quite interesting! Despite this, it has a range of around 80 miles thanks to its 500 Wh battery. This is enough for most people’s daily commutes, but if you need to go further, you’ll need to charge it for approximately 3 hours. 

The Twizy isn’t a car for everyone, but it’s a fun and quirky electric vehicle that’ll turn heads wherever you go.

2016 Smart ForTwo ED

The ForTwo ED is a small but mighty car. It’s the smallest car on this list, but don’t let that fool you – it’s one of the most efficient and fun to drive electric vehicles on the market. 

The ForTwo ED is a fully electric vehicle with a range of around 87 miles, which is enough to cover most daily commutes. It charges quickly, reaching 80% in approximately 30 minutes. 

The ED is a small car made for city dwellers. It’s tiny inside and has a tiny boot. If you need to go far, you’ll need to plan ahead: The ED only seats two and has a little boot. However, for the daily commute, the ForTwo ED is an excellent choice, especially if you park in the city center.

2016 Tesla Model X

The Tesla Model X is a completely electric luxury SUV. It’s an excellent choice for those who want a larger car but don’t want to compromise on environmental friendliness. 

The Model X is a large car that seats up to 7 people and has a range of around 251 miles. It’s one of the quickest electric vehicles on the market, with a 0-60 time of just 2.9 seconds. 

The Model X is a large car and takes around 10 hours to fully charge. However, Tesla offers an optional onboard charger that allows you to charge your car at home while you sleep. 

If you have the cash, the Tesla Model X is a great luxury electric car that’ll turn heads wherever you go. 

Final Words: Which is the best?

All of these cars are excellent choices for those looking to go electric. 

The electric car is becoming ever more popular, with more and more people making the switch to electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids. However, while they may be an excellent choice for some drivers, they are not suitable for everyone. 

They’re a bit of a commitment since they tend to be more expensive than their gas counterparts, and they require you to use a charging point at home or work.

That said, if you’re in the market for a fully-electric vehicle and are willing to make the most of the available technology and infrastructure, then an electric car might just be the right choice for you.

Depending on what you’re looking for, you could find something on this list that ticks all the boxes and more. 

If you’re unsure which car is for you, why not visit your local dealership and test drive a few? You never know; you may just find the perfect vehicle! And if you’re looking for more general information about electric cars. 

You never know; you might just find out that an electric car is a perfect car for you!

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