The Class Ceiling – A Barrier to Women’s Success

The class ceiling” is the term that most people associate with the status quo in our society. Politicians and media outlets constantly tout that any individual can achieve success – yet the facts show that class often determines who goes to the top. In fact, the class system in our society is still rife with inequities. The class system has a far more severe impact on women than it does on men. Here are a few examples of what it looks like to be a member of a social class.

The authors studied four countries in Europe, including France, Australia, and Norway, conducting interviews with 200 individuals. They studied the plight of the working class in these countries and analyzed the challenges facing them. They also investigated the issue of class ceiling in four case studies: the UK, France, Australia, and Norway. This study is particularly relevant in our current political climate, in which class distinctions have blurred into insignificance.

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This book explores the class hierarchy’s effects on women in the workplace. Laurison and Friedman argue that class prejudice exists throughout the public sector. It is the socioeconomic background of a person’s family, class-related responsibilities, and the availability of sponsors. This book also discusses the hidden mechanisms in place that disadvantage women and other workers of lower classes. The class system is a pernicious barrier to success for women.

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