Sticker labelling tips to ensure your product stands out on shelves

As any business owner knows, it’s important to find ways to make your product stand out on the shelves and attract attention. But what is the best way to go about this? Especially if you are just starting out or have a limited budget. One way to do this is by using sticker labelling to create an eye-catching design. Here are 5 tips for making your product stand out:

1. Choose the right size for your labels

When it comes to sticker labelling, it is important to choose the right size for your custom labels. If they are too small, they may not be noticed by potential customers. If they are too large, they can obscure the product’s branding and text. It is important to find the Goldilocks size – not too small, not too large – but just right.

2. Make sure your text is easy to read

Your sticker labels should be easy to read, both in terms of the font you use and the size of the text. Again, if it is too small it may not be noticed and if it is too large it can obscure important information about the product. Use a simple, clean font that is easy to read from a distance.

3. Use eye-catching materials

Make your labels stand out by using eye-catching materials. Custom vinyl stickers are available in several colours and effects, from fluorescent over transparent to metallic and glitter. Think about what would make your product stand out on the shelves and go for it! Why not use a glitter sticker to highlight a limited edition product range?

4. Keep your branding consistent

When it comes to sticker labelling, it is important to keep your branding consistent. If you already have a strong brand identity, make sure your sticker labels reflect this. Use the same colours, fonts and logos that you use elsewhere. This will help customers to recognise your product and build brand loyalty, as your brand will be super apparent.

5. Submit a high-quality design for your labels

Your artwork marks the foundation of your labels. Be sure to create a high-resolution design for the best outcome. But you do not have to hire a graphic designer. Instead, you can use online tools like Graphic to create professional designs in minutes. You can simply browse templates and elements and edit them until you are 100% happy.

If you want to make your product stand out on the shelves, using personalised sticker labels is a great way to do it. These 5 tips will help you create eye-catching labels that attract attention and help your business to grow. Let us know your ideas in the comments below.

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