Pro Tips For Creating Custom Vinyl Banners That Deliver Results Every Time

Using banners with attention-grabbing design and compelling text can make a big difference in making your target audience aware of your brand, products, and services, special offers, product launches, and more. However, because there is intense competition for the audience’s eyeballs, the banners must be designed and displayed so that they stand out, get noticed by the target audience, and compels them to respond appropriately. However, perfect banners don’t happen accidentally but need clarity of purpose, strategic design, and proper display. Some useful tips:

Know Why You Need the Banner

You can design an effective banner unless you know its purpose. Some common reasons for putting up banners include increasing brand awareness, changing the brand perception among the audience, announcing new products and services, promoting events, kickoff sales or promotions, and supporting charities, social causes, and community events. Depending on the purpose, the banner may be needed temporarily or for a long time. By being clear on its purpose, you can design, print, and display the banner most effectively.

Design to Make the Banner Noticeable

The design, shape, and color scheme should be such that it immediately catches the eyes of the target audience. You must decide whether it will be displayed indoors or outside. If you are displaying it outside, you need to figure out if people can see it easily or if it is getting lost in the background. For example, if you are going to hang your personalized banners against a brick wall, the last thing you should do is design a banner in red or orange. Always aim for high contrast with the background. If you do not know where it will be displayed, you can include a white or black border to improve the contrast with the background.

Choose Colors with Care

In addition to using colors to make the banner design more noticeable, you must also consider the psychological impact of colors on the target audience. According to Color Com, it takes only about 90 seconds for people to form an opinion about products, and colors account for 62 to 90 percent of the perception. While colors are a matter of personal preference, you need to recognize that certain colors are associated with certain feelings. For example, green and blue are associated with freshness and the environment. However, by and large, you should stick with the color palette used in your company or brand logo for better synergy and impact.

Design for High Impact Communication

Be sure to use striking graphics to grab attention. Ensure you use high-resolution images for good reproduction and reinforce your brand image and credibility. Stay away from stock images. Wherever possible, use vector images since they retain their sharpness even when enlarged many times. Print the file without scaling down the resolution for better speed. Ensure the text is large enough and has proper contrast to make the banner readable from a distance. Keep the text crisp and compelling and use easy-to-read fonts.


Banners are a simple, highly affordable, and impactful way of advertising your business and brand. However, you must decide their purpose, and where they will be displayed, and design them accordingly.

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