KaraStar By KuCoin-Interesting Facts

Many crypto market experts declared KuCoin the most popular cryptocurrency exchange shortly after its launch. This is because of their platform’s most advanced features and continuous updates. KuCoin never limits its site to cryptocurrency but also participates in different Metaverse projects related to games, NFTs, and the decentralized world. KuCoin always welcomes a new Metaverse project on their platform and supports them through their journey. This step helps those projects to become successful in the meantime. This article introduces KaraStar by KuCoin and explains its interesting facts. You will be amazed after hearing about this Metaverse gaming platform’s features.


KaraStar provides a platform to earn money via playing games. It is based on the BSC chain and allows users to create a unique and long-lasting Metaverse gaming system. On the other hand, investors also developed a good interest in this blockchain and supported it on a high scale. Since it is part of GameFi 2.0, it connects social life with online gaming and earns crypto. You will find many interesting games and Metaverse support from the KaraStar side. Due to its high popularity, KuCoin and other exchanges support it. You will also find the KaraStar coin listed on KuCoin.

Play And Earn Campaign Of Karastar Support By Kucoin

In the celebration of the listing of KaraStar on KuCoin, they invite all the KuCoin users to play and earn money from the 60,000 USD prize pool. This campaign was based on different activities, and rewards were distributed according to them.

Activity 1

In this activity, users who hold at least 50 KARA and follow the KaraStar on Twitter alongside with add the KARA/USDT pair on their favorite coin list got a reward of 10000 USD KARA. The first 300 users got 20 USD KARA each, then KuCoin ran a lucky draw and named 200 users who got 20 USD KARA each.

Activity 2

The top 30 accounts with the maximum trading activity of KARA/USDT were rewarded from the 36000 KARA prize pool. You can transfer this reward into trading pairs like BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT, BNB/USDT, etc.

Activity 3

The KuCoin users have at least 150 KARA in their wallets with KARA/USDT marked as favorite pair got a prize from 14000 USD pool.

Activity 4

During this campaign, users who buy KARA mystery boxes and finish Gleam tasks receive 100% cash back from their mystery box. KuCoin randomly selects 200 users from the white list.


Every 1 out of 4 traders present on the KuCoin site. You can easily find a BTC, ETH, XLM, and TRX price and order book on the KuCoin. You have all the options available in front of you. There is no need to divert from any other site. Similarly, various Metaverse projects play an utmost role in the success of KuCoin, and KaraStar is one of them. They are one of the huge Metaverse gaming platforms with the most advanced features. The listing of KaraStar on the KuCoin platform greatly impacted the success of Metaverse in a positive way.

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