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The issue of global warming is a trend that modern people pay a lot of attention to. The development of environmental technology is therefore used in a variety of fields. the whole production process Various products using renewable energy To reduce the use of fuel that negatively affects our planet.

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What are the trends in environmental technology in this era?

Because today is the era of change. whether changes in consumption behavior and the subject of various technologies that play a role in everyone’s daily life consumption behavior and increased production has a broad impact on the environment. causing environmental technology to play an increasing role

“Clean Technology or Green Technology”

But these two words have similar meanings. By using it to improve the environment or the world to be a better place.

We can apply these technologies in determining the environmental impact of our products. taking into account since

Product design

The product design is the starting point to cover what materials this product will need. How to have an eco-friendly design? By applying a principle called Eco Design, which comes from the word Economic & Ecological Design, is an eco-design. which has basic

“Using the 4R principle is Reduce, reducing the use of natural resources or using non-hazardous materials. Emphasis on reuse or reuse, later Recycle encourages reuse. And lastly, repairs can extend the service life by maintaining it.”

“The 4R principle is that Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Repair are the basic concepts of Eco Design.”

Eco Design has 7 strategies as follows:

  1. Reduce the use of materials that affect the environment.
  2. Reduce the type and amount of materials used. The fewer the elements It will encourage recycling or reuse a lot. using a hassle-free process

Example of raw material selection It must take into account the selection of environmentally friendly raw materials such as Green Material, which is an alternative material that comes from nature. organic source Including food and agricultural residues such as bioplastics containing cassava and bagasse, which are raw materials that do not contain harmful substances and do not cause chemical residues. and also biodegradable The use of natural ingredients will help reduce waste. Therefore, it can be said that Green Material is the raw material which will lead to the production of Green Product in the future.

  1. Improve the production process to create the least waste
  2. Improve product transportation Therefore, the transportation system must have technology to control. to help reduce costs reduce energy consumption reduce fuel consumption which affects greenhouse gas emissions
  3. Improve product usage range for less environmental impact. for example

– electrical appliances: Suppose that if we do not take into account the efficiency of energy, it will result in high electricity consumption. But if we apply the principles of Eco Design by focusing on energy efficiency. This will help save more energy.

– Using a car, because cars tend to emit high carbon dioxide during use. If we have technology to help, such as electric cars, it will help reduce the burning of fuel. reduce pollutant emissions This is an example of using Eco Design to improve product usability.

  1. Extend product lifespan for longer There are several methods for prolonging product life. It may be offered in the form of parts replacement or repair services. to make it last longer not become a waste in an inappropriate time should not and may become a problem for further management
  2. Finally, take into account the process of disposing of the product. When we use the product until it cannot be repaired to use it again The disposal process should be designed with an easy-to-handle process in mind, for example product design using natural raw materials. When disposed of, it is not harmful to the environment giveme5.

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