How to Play Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov is a cooperative online game that you play against other players online. You will need to group up with a friend or team to begin the game, and you must select a time slot. Once you’ve chosen a time slot and equipment insurance, you can click Next and invite other players to join you. The game allows for up to five people to participate at a time. Press Ready to start the matchmaking queue.

Leg meta tactic

There are many ways to use the Leg meta tactic in Escape from Tarkov. The first is to learn to use cover. If you can’t find cover, you’ll be at a disadvantage. It’s much better to have big things to cover you than to be the only one taking shots.


One of the most frustrating aspects of Escape From Tarkov is its difficulty in earning loot. Even for experienced players, earning money can be a challenge. A poor raid run can wipe out your savings in a matter of hours. Luckily, there are ways to maximize your loot.

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In Escape from Tarkov, health is a key part of the game. Your character will lose health for different reasons, including getting hit or being disoriented. Losing health will affect how you move and aim. For example, you’ll have trouble running if you’re low on energy. A good way to boost your energy is to buy health items. Alternatively, you can upgrade your hideout modules to increase your healing speed.


Having knowledge of the basics of healing is essential when playing Escape from Tarkov. You’ll need to know how to survive raids and make the most of your limited resources. There are two different ways to go about doing this. One is to use the PMC method, while the other is to use SCAV.

Hit points

If you’re in a tight spot, you can use a health item to restore hit points. However, healing is not instant, so you’ll need to prioritize healing your wounds. Luckily, you can find healing items and money in the hideout, which you can use to repair your wounds. In addition, you can upgrade modules to increase automatic healing and reduce the cost of healing.

High-traffic areas

The game takes place in a fictional Special Economic Zone called Norvinsk that serves as the economic bridge between Europe and Russia. The storyline revolves around trying to escape the city before the enemy takes control. The game begins after a major political scandal and a corporate collapse in Tarkov. The once prosperous metropolis has become a decaying ghost town with warring factions.

Trading with friends

In the early access version of Escape from Tarkov, it is possible to trade with your friends for cheap items. By doing this, you can buy and sell weapons from other players. This will help you buy more equipment, as well as unlock trade options such as Jaeger. Jaeger is a special type of trader, who can purchase various types of firearms. He can also sell medical kits and scopes.

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