How to Make Sure Your Drivers are Protected While They are on the Roads

Regardless of which country your drivers happen to be in, roads and highways are dangerous places to be. It is, therefore, important that you make sure you do everything in your power to keep your drivers safe and protected while they are carrying out their work. After all, if something happens to them it will affect your business, and you could end up being more than just a shipping vehicle down, but a driver as well.

#1 The Right Insurance Cover

Top of the list is making sure that both your drivers and the vehicles are covered by the correct insurance. Speaking to a highly qualified and experienced insurance company will make sure that you understand the level of cover that you should have; and what your employee is entitled to – as well as what can be claimed for if they have an accident.

#2 A Roadworthy Vehicle

Of course, to make sure that your insurance is current, your vehicles will have to be completely roadworthy. This is not just about having a valid MOT and Road Tax, it is also about making sure that your vehicles are safe to drive before every outing. Checking tyre treads, lights, windscreen wipers, brakes, and engine fluids (as well as any other factors that might be specific to your industry) should all be checked as a matter of course.

#3 Additional Safety Items

There are also additional safety items that you can purchase to give your fleet even more protection when they are out on the roads. Flashing beacons can be very handy – this is especially true if your vehicles must work by the side of the road or move slowly in traffic due to workloads or large heavy shipments. Of course, other items are highly beneficial for your drivers to have at hand, such as road cones, reversing and dash cameras, flood lights, and torches to name just a few.

#4 Hands-Free Calling Ability

With safety in mind, you should also make sure that your vehicles are all equipped with the ability to support hands-free communication between your head office and your drivers while they are out on the roads. Issue blue tooth headsets or earplugs to all of your drivers so that they have no excuse to use their hands to operate their phones while driving.

You need your drivers to be able to contact you wherever they are to let your business know if they are falling behind schedule due to traffic or a vehicle breakdown. They should also be able to contact the customers that they are delivering to as a matter of courtesy, to let them know when they can expect delivery to take place.

To Wrap Everything Up

Your drivers are a very important part of your business, they perform a very dangerous job on behalf of your business every day, and you should make sure that they are well cared for and looked after – especially if they are involved in an accident. However, to prevent this from happening, you should make sure that they are qualified to do what you are expecting them to do and that they hold a valid driving license. You should also make sure that they are fully insured and that your vehicles comply with the road safety conformance of not only your own country but also any others that they will be driving through.

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