How to Get a LIMS You’ll Love: A Laboratory’s Guide

It’s that time of year once more, when almost everyone remembers that love is possible and deserves to be celebrated. We are here to inform you that love and LIMS can coexist in the same mental state; however, as with anything worthwhile in life, it requires effort.

You can also have a fairytale ending to your LIMS implementation if you give each stage of your relationship the appropriate care and attention. You should take a few steps to make sure you’ve covered all your bases before looking for a LIMS partner and putting your best foot forward. Hold fast to your feelings; you can count on us to tell you the truth about what lies ahead for you on the road to genuine LIMS system love.

The Debutante Ball, also known as Lab Optimization

When the lab is ready to move away from paper-based procedures and toward a LIMS for greater efficiency, it must first prepare for the upcoming process changes. Streamlining and harmonizing processes and methods, as well as cleaning up your data, will be part of this preparation work so that the new LIMS will be welcomed and appreciated when it arrives in your life. You’ll want to make sure that every potential user understands how a LIMS is implemented and has realistic expectations about what a LIMS can and cannot do for your lab.

The Dating Scene (also known as LIMS Vendor Assessments)

Before choosing a LIMS for your lab, we cannot emphasize enough how crucial it is to date. To determine which vendors are princes and which are just frogs, we suggest that you begin by creating a preliminary set of user requirements. You should consider what you want from your LIMS relationship in the next three to five years or more during this time. These requirements will also help you think about what features your ideal LIMS should have to succeed in your lab. If you require assistance or feedback during this process, you can enlist the assistance of your closest friends—also known as third-party consultants.

Thinking that dating can be difficult is not beneficial. Consider it an essential step on the path to success in informatics, and keep in mind that each encounter, regardless of how well it goes, teaches you more about what you want from your qc LIMS. Send out requests for proposals to a few vendors, but not the “that kind of proposal” kind; as many as time and money will allow. The majority ought to provide demonstrations, allowing you to select three to five to compare to your initial requirements.

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