Causes of Mental Health Problems

We are living in a world where mental health issues are prevalent. While they’re no longer as stigmatized as they once were, they remain an underreported problem. About half the population is estimated to be suffering from a mental illness. The reasons for this range from a combination of factors, including bullying, rejection, and the media. Listed below are some of the most common causes of mental health problems.

Stigma – One reason why many people with mental health problems don’t seek help is because of the stigma attached to the condition. Stigma makes a person feel as if they are weak, and it can prevent them from seeking treatment. In fact, studies show that social isolation, poverty, and unemployment are associated with mental ill health. Adding the stigma of mental health to the mix can lead to a vicious cycle of depression, anxiety, and other symptoms.

Trauma-related disorders are another big issue. Among those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a traumatic event that was relivingd. People with PTSD often experience depression and other symptoms. Eating disorders are also common and account for 1% of all mental health DALYs. Anorexia is a major problem affecting about three million people worldwide.

Stigma – Lack of awareness of the problem can make a person feel ashamed about seeking treatment for mental health conditions. It also limits a person’s ability to make informed decisions about treating their illness. Furthermore, poor health literacy contributes to the stigma associated with mental health problems. People who don’t understand mental health often have negative attitudes towards people with psychiatric issues, resulting in feelings of shame or anger.

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