Can a US Attorney Practice Law in Mexico City?

Can a US attorney practice law in Mexico? This question has become an increasingly common one among US businesspeople who wish to conduct business in Mexico. However, U.S. attorneys are not permitted to practice law in Mexico. However, they can register as legal consultants in Mexico and advise clients in the country. This makes practical sense, as the Mexican legal system is quite different from the one in the U.S.

The goal of this program is to prepare lawyers to practice law in a variety of jurisdictions, including Mexico. There are two schools in Mexico that offer comprehensive courses in both legal systems and provide high-quality preparation for transnational practice. The ABA has a Rule of Law Initiative that aims to develop a global community of lawyers. One such institution is the University of Houston Law Center, which offers a full course of study in both systems.

There is a very different legal system in Mexico than in the U.S. The legal system is civil, not common law. Mexican courts are divided into “Books” called the Book of Obligations, “The Book of Individuals,” and “The Book of Contracts.” The Constitution of Mexico differs in its specific provisions, and a US attorney may not be able to practice law in Mexico City.

As a result, it is possible for a foreign attorney to qualify to practice law in Mexico, but this requires the lawyer to have a certificate of professional competence from the Mexican Bar. The law also stipulates that a foreign attorney must have studied law in a country with similar legal requirements. Additionally, the law requires that the foreign lawyer practice in Mexico in some form of commercial association with a Mexican attorney.

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