Breast augmentation surgery for a naturally beautiful shape.

Breast augmentation surgery To increase the breast size, it is popular for women with small breasts, flat breasts, because breast augmentation will help shape the curves more clearly, charming, and dress up in a variety of ways. There are different types of breast augmentation surgery available depending on the breast structure. and needs Since the breast surgery method and materials used for breast augmentation

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Breast augmentation surgery makes the milk look naturally beautiful.

Breast augmentation, breast augmentation, is a surgery to increase breast size by using silicone bags of various sizes and shapes, such as round or teardrop-shaped. by a surgeon who has expertise in adjusting the shape of the breast to be sagging sway naturally and the size of the breast suitable for the overall shape To look sexy, charming, attractive

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Breast surgery involves the technique of opening an incision under the breast rail. Open the wound around the birthmark by placing an artificial breast bag under the muscle Although breast augmentation in transgender women and women in general has no different surgical procedures, But the physical appearance is different. Ladyboys’ flesh is firmer and less fat than women’s. The muscles are quite strong and thick. For the best results of breast augmentation to look like a woman. Therefore, various alternative techniques have emerged in breast surgery.

Techniques and advantages and disadvantages of breast augmentation surgery wound location

1. Periareolar incision

The surgeon will make an incision in the mammary gland or rim about 1/3 of the circumference of the birthmark to insert a breast implant. The technique of making breasts in this way has advantages. The scars will not be noticeable. Breast bags can be inserted both under the muscle and under the milk, but there are disadvantages, which are not suitable for people with small birthmarks. Must be at least a birthmark greater than or equal to one inch in diameter.

2. Incision under the armpit (Axilla incision)

The surgeon will open an incision 4-5 cm long under the armpit at the crease of the underarm. to hide the scar. It is an advantage of breast augmentation surgery under the muscle. But the technique of doing an open incision under the armpit here has a disadvantage, which is more sore than other positions. Cannot fit very large breast sacs because the wound must be opened too large beyond the crease of the underarm clearly visible scars

3. Inframammary incission

The surgeon will open the incision at this location about 5-6 centimeters because it is easy to shape the breasts and can correct hard breast augmentation with fascia, breast deformity, and can easily break the fascia. and put a very large prosthesis bag well Breast bags can be inserted both under the muscle and under the milk. The scars may be clearly visible.

What is the best breast augmentation material?

The type of artificial breast bag (silicone) used in breast augmentation surgery is approved by the FDA. There are different types with different advantages and disadvantages. The plastic surgeon will give advice and choose the material for the breasts, for example, the saline filling. or a ready-made liquid silicone bag

– Selected material: artificial breast bag brine or a ready-made liquid silicone bag

– Chest size : Depends on the need and the suitability of each individual

– The shape of the chest: there will be a round prosthesis bag. or teardrop shaped breast implants

– There are 2 types of skin: smooth artificial breast bags. or sand skin artificial breast bags

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