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The first clone of Bob is named Riker, and he begins investigating the cause of the communications cut off during Bob’s first interstellar transit. Bill, meanwhile, settles in the nearby planet of Epsilon Eridani and devotes himself to researching technologies useful to the collective. He invents faster-than-light communications and useful drones, and he also devises a means to scale up SURGE drive to control celestial bodies. Dr. Landers’s assistant, Dr. Doucette, is a female who helps him with his experiments Worldkingnews.

The relationship between Bob and his father is strained in the early seasons. His father admits that Bob is difficult to deal with, but he continues to support his son, acknowledging that sexuality is a natural part of growing up. But when Tina Belcher behaves inappropriately, Bob intervenes only when he believes it’s necessary. Eventually, however, the relationship between Bob and his father warms and he realizes that his father is overly emotional and is not able to help his son grow up.

The word “bob” has many meanings, from an echoic motion to a dangling mass in a pendulum. In poetry, bob is an epithet meaning “to move up and down,” while in popular culture it refers to a jerking motion. The word bob is a diminutive form of Robert, which is also the name of a male sports star. Originally a nickname, the word has now become an international buzzword, as it is widely used today mixx.

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