Best Jobs that Do Not Require a College Degree

A lot of people think that the only way to get a highly-paid job is to spend years doing a college bachelor’s degree. There is a stereotype of an average person’s life: as a child, people go to kindergarten, at 6 or 7 the school starts, then you enter a university as a teenager and spend years on higher education to become a competitive specialist in the human resources market. 

However, it is proven that there are plenty of good jobs that do not require a Bachelor of Journalism or Bachelor of Arts. In this article, read about the jobs and positions that do not require a university degree and which you can consider in case you don’t have one or you are very impatient to start earning money. 

1. Insurance claims investigator 

Insurance claims investigators work with the investigators of accidents to decide if the insurance claims have to be compensated. Training and certifications are needed when rising up on this career ladder, but for an entry-level investigator, a high school education degree is enough. 

2. Media equipment manager

This is a field that gives perspectives to meet celebrities, politicians, and even sports stars because you have to carry sound equipment, cameras, and other material. Progress in this job comes with onboarding training.

3. Welder

These people med things on which we depend every day. This position does not require any college degree, and the newly recruited employee starts with an internship program. 

4. Sales representative 

Customer service jobs are suitable for outgoing and communicative people. Many sales representatives earn above the average because, except for the primary salary, they have commissions from sales. 

5. Online advertising marketer

This is a job for marketers who construct a marketing strategy to promote the product or the service of the company. These people manage the social media accounts of the company: post videos and images, write and edit texts, run ads, and communicate with clients. Of course, many leading companies in the industry have implemented artificial intelligence to be able to be there for customers 24/7, but these specialists have other tasks too, so these specialists are not in danger of losing their jobs because of progressive technologies. 

6. Content Writer

With the boom of social media in our age, there are three types of specialists that have become demanded in our age: software developers, web designers, and content writers. Content writers are in charge of everything related to text when it comes to website creation. This job is very often done by people who have a degree in humanities or arts, but frankly speaking, if you have a love for writing and have excellent essay-writing skills, you can be really good at this job. These specialists sometimes do the job of customer service too: answer the questions of customers to establish communication with them. However, leading companies use such tools as website chatbot to make the customer service representative’s job easier. 


Gone are the days when having a college degree was considered severe and prestigious. With the advancement of technology, a lot of courses are available online, which are not as expensive and time-consuming as college degrees. Technology is making our lives easier when used wisely. 

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